Celebrate my birthday July,23 2010

Hi everybody, At first tomorrow is July, 23 2010 as everybody knows that’s my birthday. I think these just normally one day form 365 days in one year.

This year was different for me. Everything changed in ways that I didn’t know how it could be. I had a lot of works to do. One thing is my senior project that’s very serious for me. I didn’t know how could it be. I tried to use MMA7455L with my Cortex-M3 but it didn’t success. At last MMA7455L was burned by me. There’s a lot of problems with this project. Now I’m working with a new one but new subject. The new one is about application with Zigbee and Study Zigbee topology. Zigbee topology’s different from OSI Layer7 topology so I’ve to study this subject for this first semester.

Let’s back to my birthday article. I tried to pretend my birthday really didn’t matter anymore and that there were other much more important things to think about. It is just like any other day.

So, Today I’ve been to LAOX shop at pantip plaza. I just brought my new digital camera for my gift. That’s Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens and SB-600 (External Flash). Previously, I used Canon EOS 450D. I think this one worked for me. But nowadays many types of new technology are coming. I had sold my Canon Digital Camera and all equipment that’s 17-85mm lens, 430EXII external flash. One of the reason that I decided to sell because I had tried babydevil’s Nikon D90 and I was very impressed. It’s working perfect when I took a photograph at night or low light with ISO 3200.

This image’s Nikon D90 Box. It’s very big size of box, I think.

Left’s Nikon Bag. Right’s D90′s Box and SB-600′s Box.

D90 with 18-105 VR Kit lens.

one more picture.

Let’s see SB-600 external flash.

haha I am opening it.

Does everyone know that 430 EXII external flash is bigger than SB-600, isn’t it?

Let’s open next.

I think D90′s very smart and more bigger than Canon EOS 450D very much.

This one is 18-105 VR Lens kit.

Let’s see all that I bought it.

Just new camera.

Let’s talk about my new senior project.

This one I called “Zigbee Board”. It used for connect with PC or Zigbee Node to send data together.

I was working with them to create the Zigbee Board.

Connect node point to point by solder wire and mini-cable.

Test connected with Xbee Wireless Sensor.

I tested short-circuit with bias eneloop 4 batteries with about 5V and 2,000mA. The yellow light’s turned on so, I knew that this board isn’t short-circuit yet. (If short-circuit the yellow light will turn off and smoke out ha ha.)

Let’s see bottom view.

This one is Xbee converter board made by seegate circuit shop.

Zigbee Board prototype and Xbee Converter board.

I tested DB-9 on PCB connected with ET-USB/RS232.

This picture’s tested to connect with Zigbee Coordinator (Zigbee on my board is Router/End Device Mode).

Try to test signal form point to point.

It’s working. I’m very happy.

The next day I created a new one for Zigbee Board second node. Before is first node.

Copy like china product. Ha Ha!! I’m just kidding.

It’s working too.

Then installed these board with Zigbee Wireless Sensor.

Last picture, These can work together. Light red turned on show me that It’s connected together.

gonna go.

I think today is very long article.

See you soon.

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